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Tooth pain is one of the primary reasons people visit our Milwaukee dentist’s office, and, ironically, is one of the primary reasons people put off going to the dentist.

There are a number of reasons why people experience tooth and mouth pain, including:

  • Cavities – Cavities can cause severe tooth pain when they lead to the infection of teeth and gums.
  • Impacted teeth – When teeth become impacted, they are not able to grow properly out of the gums. This situation can cause significant tooth and gum pain.
  • Abscessed teeth – An abscessed tooth is an infection that occurs deep in the gums, near the root of the tooth. Abscessed teeth are the source of great pain and discomfort for many who suffer them.
  • Tooth grinding – Tooth grinding can wear down a tooth’s protective layer, making it more sensitive and vulnerable to pain, temperature, and touch.
  • Jaw conditions – Overbites and underbites can be the source of pain due to the abnormal relationships of the jaws and the strain this situation can cause.

Pain Control Methods

In order to treat any of the above pain conditions, we, at Smiles on Broadway, use the most advanced dental techniques in the field. These techniques will not only help correct the situation causing your pain, be it a cavity or overbite, but the treatment itself is far less painful than techniques used just several years ago.

Pain management technique we use during and after dental procedures include:

  • Anesthetics - Anesthetics numb the area in which we will perform the dental work. These substances typically eliminate all pain during dental procedures. Novocain and Lidocaine are two common anesthetics.
  • Sedatives – Sedatives helps our patients relax, which is an important factor in pain management. Two of the most common sedative options are intravenous (IV) and inhalation sedation.
  • Analgesics – Analgesics, such as ibuprofen and aspirin, have a proven history of helping our patients manage pain, especially after dental procedures.

At Smiles on Broadway, we know that pain is a major concern of our patients. We take a careful and compassionate approach, which helps limit pain and maximize our client’s satisfaction.

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At Smiles On Broadway, we deliver on exactly what we promise: to help patients maintain their radiant smiles and provide care centered around their individual needs. Our dental efforts have earned us a solid reputation in MKE. We were even voted the "Best Dentist of Milwaukee" in 2015 as a Patient's Choice. Hear directly from them about their experiences with us.
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